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Tribeca Sofwave Center is a Sofwave™ designated center of excellence, where providers worldwide are educated and trained.

At Tribeca Sofwave Center, patients will experience the ultimate Sofwave™ experience. We provide the most advanced individualized Sofwave™ protocols to optimize treatment outcomes.

Starting in our mid-20s, collagen and elastin begin to break down, causing our skin to wrinkle and lose its elasticity. Sofwave™ uses sound to induce the production of new collagen.

Sofwave™ is a clinically proven, non-invasive approach to remodeling collagen, which improves facial lines and wrinkles and has a lifting effect on the eyebrows, neck, and submental region.  

Sofwave™'s Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology is FDA-cleared and has an excellent safety profile. It is non-invasive and has no downtime.

Sofwave™  Treatments typically last about 30-45 minutes. Sofwave™ and its integrated cooling system, Sofcool™, protect the outer layer of skin while enabling the ultrasound treatment to reach the precise depth in the dermis for the ideal outcome.