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Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

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Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Today there are more options for facial rejuvenation than ever before. For anyone who would like the younger, refreshed appearance of a facelift without surgery, non-surgical facial rejuvenation is the best choice. Dr. Sung can revitalize your appearance using advanced dermal fillers, time-tested neuromodulators, and innovative fat reduction injectables.  These products can often combine with non-invasive technologies to achieve amazing results.

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The ideal candidates for non-surgical facial rejuvenation must have realistic expectations of the treatment and are in good health. Both men and women may consider non-surgical facial rejuvenation if they can relate to one or more of the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Furrows between the eyebrows
  • “Crow’s feet”
  • Facial volume loss
  • Submental fullness or a “double chin”
  • Poor skin texture


Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is a short, in-office procedure that can typically be completed in less than one hour. This treatment involves the use of different injectables that provide results that last longer than first generation injectable fillers. Each injectable has unique attributes that work best in particular areas of the face, which makes this non-surgical rejuvenation completely customizable and different for every patient. After assessing your facial anatomy with VECTRA® XT 3D imaging and VISIA skin analyzer, Dr. Sung will create the unique product combination that will provide your desired results.

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Lower Facial Wrinkles

Dermal fillers are appropriate for treating the lower two-thirds of the face where wrinkles are caused by collagen loss. Common treatment areas include nasolabial folds, marionette lines, wrinkles around the lips, and cheeks. Injectable fillers work by replacing lost volume in the face or by stimulating the body’s natural process of producing collagen. Many of them are made of natural substances that can be found within the body, such as hyaluronic acid. Dr. Sung offers several dermal filler products including the entire line of Restylane®, and JUVÉDERM®, products. 

Upper Facial Wrinkles

Wrinkles in the upper portion of the face tend to be caused by repetitive muscle contraction rather than volume loss or skin laxity. Neuromodulators temporarily reduce muscle movements that cause wrinkles in the upper face, producing a refreshed facial aesthetic. Dr. Sung offers both BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, Jeuveau™ prescription injectables that can target the muscles that create frown lines and “crow’s feet.”

Excess Submental Fat 

KYBELLA® is a different type of injectable treatment that specifically targets submental fat to smooth the contours of the neck, create youthful definition, and remove excess fat. This prescription injection is composed of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps with the breakdown of dietary fat. 

“I’m glad that I found Dr.Sung. Wonderful experience and Dr. Sung is a wonderful surgeon, and the staff is always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I would highly recommend to anyone.“


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In as little as one hour, the injections are strategically placed, and the patient can return to work or other routine activities immediately. Some patients feel only slight discomfort during the procedure and may experience some temporary redness once it is complete.


Results from dermal fillers are noticeable immediately following treatment and, depending on the combination of products used and the areas treated, can last for as long as two years. Neuromodulators on the other hand take 5-7 days to take effect and are effective for up to six months. The effects of KYBELLA® can take up to six weeks to appear, but they are long lasting. Depending on the patient’s desires, Dr. Sung can achieve a subtle or significant facial rejuvenation.


Experiencing complications after non-surgical facial rejuvenation is uncommon, especially when the injectables are administered by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. However, the potential risks may include the following:

  • Prolonged swelling or bruising
  • Sharp pain
  • Redness

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